Archive Diver - 94th Aero Squadron Ad From 1988, and Four Article References

The 94th Aero Squadron (1395 NW 57 Ave, Miami) is a restaurant that overlooks the runway of Miami International Airport and allows you to listen to air traffic ground control via headphones.

The restaurant has been open since 1975, which means their banquet halls have hosted more parties, wedding receptions, quinces, and corporate functions than you can shake a drink, bouquet, garter, or CEO at.

The ad to the right appeared in an issue of the Miami New Times the week of August 31 - September 6, 1988.

Here are links to four New Times article references to The 94th Aero Squadron in our online archives.

  • Taped conversations of indicted State Sen. Alberto Gutman reveal a man who missed his true calling as a food critic. [click]
  • Magic City plays host to Hondas, Ducatis, Kawasakis, Indians, and, of course, the fabled Harley-Davidson hogs for the first Miami Bike Week. [click]
  • In recent months New Times readers and staffers have made reliable sightings of gray foxes at the following locations. [click]
  • Tonight the restaurant hosts its weekly disco night. The glittering lights of the landing jets will add to the evening's sparkle. [click]