Lemoni Pizza & Kitchen: Try the Vegan Hawaiian

Hearing that a spot serves vegan pizza is maybe the best thing ever for an herbivore. Because, let's be real, it's impossible not to miss that chewy dough, that piquant sauce, that melty, gooey, drippy mozzarella. Sigh.

So when I heard Lemoni Pizza & Kitchen serves vegan pies, I was on it like Miami's intelligentsia on Pamela Druckerman. And it has earned every ounce of my unbridled enthusiasm.

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Scouring the lengthy menu of vegan options, I toyed with ordering the meatball (complete with meatless meatballs) or the Mexican (cilantro is always a win) but landed on the Hawaiian -- pineapple, jalapeños, ham tofu (a new concept), tomato garlic sauce, vegan mozzarella cheese, and parsley.

The pie arrived looking impressive. The vegan mozzarella was pillowy and soft, nearly indistinguishable from fresh mozzarella. And kudos to the kitchen because it's made in-house.

Biting into the first piece, I was floored. The deliciously chewy crust, creamy mozzarella, tangy pineapple, and fiery jalapeños were a unparalleled flavor combo. I hadn't had Hawaiian pizza in ages. I was missing out.

Lemoni has made a pie so impressive that no omnivore would know the difference -- excluding the faux ham (it's clearly a vegan substitute and didn't add much to the overall picture). But even sans tofu ham, the pie is superb -- fit fare for any pizza lover. And at $14 for a ten-inch and $20 for a 16-inch, the price ain't half bad for a specialty pie.

Vegan pizza fiends, this is your spot. Get there now, and save me a slice.

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