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Leftover Eggnog at the Urbanite Bistro

It's already the New Year and the holiday season is almost over. Which means, you've only got one day left, today, to do something with that half-jug of eggnog lingering near the back of the fridge before it either curdles or turns into another sad reminder of your post-Christmas ineffectiveness. You know, like that dead, brown, decorated tree over there in the corner. 

But don't think you're alone in this ... We've got some leftover creamy, eggy stuff kicking around our kitchen, too. And so did the Urbanite Bistro until we helped them clear the shelves by ordering a tall dose of their Naughty Noggin ($12) yesterday. 

Now, maybe you're hesitant about eggnog on New Year's day ... Well, don't be -- this drink is an ideal, stomach-coating recovery shot after last night's celebratory overdrinking. Not to mention, it's way easy to duplicate at home. So this afternoon whenever you manage to crawl out of bed, crawl a little farther to the kitchen and mix an ounce of both Maker's Mark bourbon and Atlantico rum into that half-jug. 

Or, if you're brimming with ambition and energy, you could go all purist on us, like the Urbanite, and prepare a batch of homemade nog from scratch. Find a recipe here ... But we're warning you, there's gonna be leftovers.