South Beach Wine & Food Festival

Guy Fieri Ties Up South Beach Wine & Food Festival 2010

The South Beach Wine & Food Festival wrapped up last night with a beach party hosted by Guy Fieri at the Gansevoort's Beach Club, appropriately themed "Moon Over Miami," since the full, orange moon began to dip just as the party began.

At 6 p.m. a line had already started to form outside the entrance, though the event, which was co-sponsored by Gnarly Head wines and Miami New Times, was scheduled to start at 6:30 p.m. Staffers, however, checked tickets and handed out wristbands while people waited for the doors to open, speeding up entry.

Inside, guests were hit with appropriately loud, yet really good music.

Foosball and ping-pong tables and a cigar lounge dotted the scene,

along with sampling stations from Jelly Belly, Café Bustelo, and

others. Two bars served up cocktails, one dedicated to sharing the

flavors of sponsor Sagatiba, but the set-up led to huge lines for food

provided by, among others, David's Café and 2 Girls and a Cupcake.

Setting up a Havaianas display towards the entrance didn't help. The

booth, mirroring a produce stand where guests could pick up free

flip-flops in any chosen "flavor" (color) kept people concentrated

towards the entrance. But the flip-flops were a good idea for the many

women who came in heels.

Some who waited in line said they had gone back to their hotel rooms to

change clothes when they learned the party was on the sand. Apparently

it wasn't obvious on the festival's website.

But one guy showed up looking positively confident and dressed

appropriately for the event -- Guy Fieri, the headlining celebrity.

(Guests also reporting spotting Mark Summers, but let's face it -- without

Fieri's bleached spikes, sunglasses at night, and rhinestone

button-down, Summers wasn't going to gain nearly as much attention as

the "Triple D" chef.)

As throngs of fans aggressively aimed their digital cameras and phones at

Fieri, he wandered from the stage (his safe place) to walk

along the sand, posing for pictures and being generally good natured.