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New York Times' Frank Bruni Says, "In Miami, Chefs Are The New Stars"

New York's alright if you like saxophones, but, everything else is better in Miami. Especially in the winter.

Particularly the food.

Former restaurant critic Frank Bruni's upcoming article in the Travel section of the Sunday Times has already hit the web, and he's got almost nothing but great, gushing praise for Miami's chef, restaurant, and food culture.

Michael's Genuine, his clear favorite, and Hakkasan, Sra. Martinez, Area 31, Pacific Time, and Red Light are described as "sexy, attractive, exceptional, radiates joy, freshness beyond dispute, outstanding, and superbly cooked."

The guy uses 26 words to describe a grilled cheese sandwich from Red Light, "Scandalously thick and rich, it was more sandwich than anyone can

reasonably handle, and I bet no one leaves so much as a crumb or


But for Fratelli Lyon, he only had 8 words. "Fratelli Lyon offers Italian food in

contemporary trappings."

Guess he was just so busy getting paid to eat for a living that he didn't get a chance to eat there.

Other than that, he loves Miami, which only confirms what we've known all along: Everything is better here. Especially in the winter.

Click here to read Bruni's article and here for the slideshow -- great photos by Alex Quesada.