Fontainebleau Restaurants Go Pink For National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Miami Spice came to a close yesterday but restaurants at the Fontainebleau Hotel are continuing to offer a prix fixe menu during October.

Starting Sunday and through October 31, Scarpetta, Hakkasan, Vida and Gotham Steak will serve a $39 prix fixe "Bleau Goes Pink" menu to coincide with National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Part of the proceeds go to the Susan G. Komen Foundation for the Cure.

Because Scarpetta and Hakkasan would be our choices to go to at the Fontainebleau, here's a look at their menus. This offer is only valid Sunday to Thursday.

The Scarpetta menu is identical to the menu advertised on the Miami Spice website and includes choices of the creamy polenta, braised short ribs, burrata with heirloom tomatoes and japanese mackerel for appetizers. Entree choices include the restaurant's spaghetti, Mediterranean branzino, whole roasted chicken and filet of beef. Desserts are chocolate cake, coconut panna cotta and mocha swirl cheesecake. Given the prices of these items on the regular menu, the prix fixe offers savings that vary depending on what you choose.

Hakkasan offers two menus to choose from -- pink and bleau -- and as usual there are a few things to keep in mind if you want to partake in the promotion. If you're dining solo, you're out of luck; a minimum

of two people is required. But let's say you're with four of your

friends. All of you must agree on one of the two menus for the table. Dishes will be served family style for the table but portions will be adjusted according to the size of the party.

The Pink Menu includes a dim sum platter and crispy salt and pepper bait fish followed by wok fried king soya prawns, sweet and sour pork with pomelo and asparagus with lotus root lilly. The meal is accompanied by Singapore vermicelli and finishes with milk chocolate and brown butter mousse with cocoa nibs and mandarin-orange sorbet.

The Bleau menu starts with crispy duck salad and wild mushroom lettuce wrap. Mains include charcoal grilled eel fish with black pepper, crisp chicken with orange sauce, and Szechwan style braised eggplant. This meal is served with dried shrimp and egg white fried rice. Dessert is sorbet.

Valet is $7 for Bleau Goes Pink diners.