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Rachael Ray and Guy Fieri: Cooking With The Stars?

First there was Dancing With The Stars, which re-introduced us to such has-beens celebrities as Donny Osmond, Florence Henderson, Drew Lachey, and most recently Chaz Bono. Despite our repeated efforts at tying this to the end of the world (or because of it), the show was (and remains) a huge hit.

Then came the copies. Skating With The Stars, Celebrity Apprentice, and Celebrity Rehab all drudged up old actors, athletes, and singers past their prime and gave them a shot at television and a paycheck.

So, it's only natural that the makers of such quality television as Tailgate Warriors and Cupcake Wars would do a celebrity cookoff show....and that they would have two of their biggest fame-seekers hosting it.

Rachael Ray and Guy Fieri have just announced Celebrity Cook-Off,

their new show which pits washed-up low-wattage celebs against each

other in teams, coached on to victory by Ray and Fieri. The winner gets a

nice check to the charity of their choice. The roster is tepid at best

(see if you can remember more than one of them from their past lives as


  • Alyssa Campanella (Miss USA 2011)
  • Cheech Marin (Comedian and champion stoner)
  • Coolio (Hip Hop artist - "Gangster's Paradise")
  • Joey Fatone (N'Sync boy band member. Dancing With The Stars alum. Fame whore.)
  • Lou Diamond Phillips (LaBamba star. Most famous for having his wife leave him for the female nanny)
  • Summer Sanders (Gold medalist and sportscaster)
  • Taylor Dayne ('90s pop singer and unconfirmed drag queen)


first show airs New Year's Day on Food Network. We can't wait to see

how long before Cheech busts out the pot brownie recipes.

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