Sakaya Kitchen at Fashion Week Kickoff Party at Gary Nader Gallery

Midtown upstart Sakaya Kitchen's Ssam lettuce wrap holds angus beef "bulgogi," scallion ginger sauce, fresh edamame, rice pearls, and Ssamjang in organic Swank Farms green butterhead lettuce. Ssam is the Korean method of wrapping bite-size meats in leafy vegetables.

The dish was available for free sampling in biodegradable wheat bowls last night at the official Fashion Week Miami kickoff party at Gary Nader's gallery in Wynwood.

We're about as fashion conscious as a paper bag in a parking lot, but every time we see the gates open at Nader's hq we know there's a free party inside with top shelf liquor, catered food, and the fine art of Latin American masters. This is always a good time.

Richard Hale's menu consists of modern interpretations of classic

Korean. He says, "I'm not interested in doing Japanese, or Thai. I

wanna do something different in a mainstream way with all of my ideas filtered through Korean ingredients."

The only Korean joint we know of in the City of Miami is Choice Cafe,

a cool, authentic place located inside a ghost mall in Wynwood, but they're not built for an American audience. Sakaya takes the culture's spicy essence, incorporates a chef's creativity, and adds health and eco-consciousness. So far, the people love it.