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Seamless Arrives Soon in Miami to Battle GrubHub for Delivery Crown

Miami is chugging along towards becoming an upper-tier food city, and now we've attracted another whale. No, it's not Thomas Keller or Ferran Adria. It's Seamless, the popular online delivery website that has eluded us thus far.

Our best option up until now has been GrubHub, which recently purchased the old-school college delivery site Campusfood and its parent company Dotmenu in order to increase its reach. Soon after, Seamless acquired MenuPages in this online tug-of-war for delivery supremacy.

Many of you online ordering fans may be familiar with GrubHub's simple but clumsy interface. By comparison, Seamless's website is much more elegant and organized, but of course lacks restaurant choices during this initial period. Seamless is also the leader in corporate ordering, while GrubHub wins in the online menu department, although many of the restaurants listed on the site don't offer online ordering and thus you must still pick up the dreaded phone.

The Miami version is yet to officially launch, but at the moment 66 restaurants are taking orders right now in Midtown, Brickell, and South Beach, with 60 more to be added soon according to Kelsey O'Neal, a Senior Manager over at Seamless. That's a long way from the 4,206 resto choices up in NYC, their biggest market, but a huge step in the right direction nonetheless. It's tough to compare GrubHub's offerings since many don't offer online ordering, so enter your address into both and check out the options in your area.

Sometimes we long for the good ol' days when you had to speak to a human in order to get your favorite grub delivered to your door, but internet-induced-laziness and agoraphobia has sent phone ordering a-packin'. At least now we have another worthy option, complete with pretty pictures and discounts, to keep us busy until, inevitably, the machines take over the world completely.

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