Cooking Classes

MDC Community Education's Cooking Under Fire Class With Chef Shashank

You don't have to be a college kid to go to college, you don't have to be concerned with grades to get an education, and at MDC's School of Community Education, you can empower yourself with knowledge from a world of learning opportunities.

In downtown Miami, there are eight classes taught in Wolfson's Kitchen. Recurring Short Order character Sidewalk Chef Shashank Agtey teaches Cooking Under Fire, a four-week course on cost-effective gourmet home cooking. Feeling the recession? Invest in an alternative to eating out, and save money. We personally vouch for the Sidewalk Chef's charismatic personality, commitment to his craft, and desire to share it with the world. 

Other classes at Wolfson's Kitchen teach basic cooking, French cooking, wine appreciation, cake baking and decorating, cooking for profit, a basic vegetarian series, and even a food handler certification class.

Visit for more info. Registration is open now. Here are a few more pictures.