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Behind the Scenes: MasterChef Casting Call, Miami

Gordon Ramsay is an asshole -- that's why he's fun to watch. So let's all watch him make amateur cooks feel like shit about themselves and their crappy food.

MasterChef is new to FOX, but the program is already a UK and Australia phenomenon that has broken television viewing records in the latter country. MasterChef originated in 1990 with the BBC. The show will run abroad at least through 2011.

And now, the program is coming to America and will be hosted by Gordon Ramsay. The program features all amateur chefs -- no professionals allowed and no formal training either -- cooking their way to fame and fortune, and battling for kitchen supremacy in a weekly cookoff.

3 Ball Productions (The Biggest Loser, Breaking Bonaduce, Beauty and the Geek) and Reveille Productions (Date My Mom, Ugly Betty, The Office) are producing MasterChef. Yesterday, they came to Miami looking for victims, um, future stars.

Here's our behind-the-scenes look.