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Lauren Bacall's Best Food Commercials

Film legend Lauren Bacall has died at the age of 89.

The sultry beauty, best known for teaching Humphrey Bogart how to whistle in the Hemingway classic To Have and Have Not, captured the hearts and imagination of the world when she said "you put your lips together and blow."

The talented actress won two Tonys, an honorary Academy Award, two Golden Globes, a National Book Award for her autobiography, and many other accolades for her work in film, television, and on Broadway and was married to Bogart, Jason Robards Jr., and briefly engaged to Frank Sinatra.

In addition to her memorable roles in movies like Key Largo, Dark Passage, and How to Marry a Millionaire, Bacall's distinct smoky voice made her in high demand for commercials. Over the years, the actress hawked everything from cars to cat food to coffee...lots and lots of coffee.

Here are our five favorite of Bacall's food commercials from one of Hollywood's most iconic stars.

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In this vintage commercial, Bacall makes a pot of decaf for husband Jason Robards Jr. -- although we somehow can't buy the classy beauty serving anything to anyone.

We can't get enough of Bacall's sultry voice telling us about High Point coffee's "deep brewed flavor."

Did we mention that the "deep brewed flavor" is best enjoyed in a limousine? With its own table set with silverware and china?

Give Bacall some beef and the lady purrs.

Speaking of purring, Bacall was also the voice of Fancy Feast cat food. Although the focus of the commercial was on a feline, the actress manages to steal the show without ever being seen.

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