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Weekend Blog Watch: Pub Crawl, The Bar, Chinese Bacon, Fries, and Secrets

Labor Day's passing means that Summer's over and it's time to get serious. Stick with us as we put our nose to the grindstone and bring you and the South Florida massive into the fold as we explore Dade County food stories. Here are some links to other blogs in the community. Enjoy.

  • Groveside pajama pub crawl recap. [Grapevine]
  • Beast and cronie holler at The Bar in Coral Gables for food and drink. [BurgerBeast]
  • Garlic, ginger, shiitake mushrooms, rice, Chinese sausage, Chinese bacon, clay pot rice. [TinkeringWithDinner]
  • Bullfrog's life in food and music. [@chefjeremiah]
  • French Fry Fairy goes to Rosie's in Ft. Lauderdale. [FrenchFriesForAll]
  • DineMag goes TasteCasting at Secrets Piano Bar. [DineMag]