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Burger King Does Delivery: The Next Step In Fast Food

Get burgers and fries your way, right away at Burger King, and you don't even have to show up. BK is now testing delivery service at a few Washington, D.C.-area locations.

Customers can order two ways: by calling 1-855-ORDER-BK or through the delivery website.

Delivery service is only in the test phase, but 16 other restaurants will offer delivery by January 23, BK spokeswoman Kristen Hauser says. No details on which ones and no word on whether Miami locations will have service.

For $2, customers can get their food delivered to any location with a physical address, as long as it's no more than a ten-minute drive from the BK. There is a $8 to $10 order minimum, but that's left up to the discretion of the restaurant.

Food is kept warm with thermal bags. Anything on the menu can be delivered except for shakes, Icee beverages, fountain drinks, and breakfast (sorry). Soft drinks will be delivered in bottles.

Delivery times are 10 a.m. to 11 p.m.

No word yet on whether delivery drivers may accept tips. Tips normally aren't accepted by the cashiers.

As Wendy's begins to edge out Burger King as America's number two burger chain, the Miami-based BK might be taking the next logical step in the fast-food business by delivering the goods to your front door.

Burger King is so far the only fast-food burger chain to officially offer delivery. What now, Wendy's?

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