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At Bulla Gastrobar, Try the Huevos Bulla

Bulla is pronounced boo-yah, and that's the perfect statement after you try the huevos Bulla. It is a dish that must be experienced to be fully understood -- messy, fragrant, and so wrong that it becomes so right.

Canucks have poutine, Americans have chili cheese fries and truffle oil on everything, Mexicans have nachos, and Spaniards have huevos estrellados. But Miamians are fortunate enough to have huevos Bulla ($10), a dish that strangely combines them all with a twist.

This dish, rather than using French fries or tortilla chips as a base, uses house-made potato chips. They are topped with a jumbo organic egg, potato foam, thin slices of Serrano ham, and a heavy-handed drizzle of truffle oil.

You can smell this dish before it arrives, and when your server sets it on the table, he or she will ask if you want it broken up. The answer is yes, but first take a moment (or a picture) to appreciate these beautiful elements not quite combined. After a few spoon cuts, it becomes a hot mess. Potato chips break, the yolk soaks into everything, the potato foam deflates, and the truffle oil disperses, leaving you with a perfectly mixed and balanced dish. Your mouth will love this orgy of flavors and textures.

Each bite is reminiscent of something slightly different: matzah brei, nachos, a Spanish tortilla. You will be almost ashamed of how much you love this dish. (Truffle oil will shame you that way.) But it is fantastic, and you won't be able to stop thinking about how perfect this dish would be if you were drunk, hung-over, or craving brunch.

Fortunately, this dish is available for brunch, lunch, and dinner and at the bar. Boo-yah!

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