Food Trucks

A Joy Wallace BBQ & Picnic Production Now Parking and Peddling Smoked Ribs Outside Gardner's Markets

Thanks to a newly minted marriage of convenience between the folks at Gardner's and local catering outfit, A Joy Wallace, you can now go crazy on freshly-smoked pork ribs and sauce in the gourmet grocery's parking lots across the city.

In exchange for a cut of the sales, the smoker truck can squat on this prime real estate and serve up racks, half racks, chicken wings, and other fixins like baked beans from 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. throughout the week. The locations rotate: Sundays are at the Pinecrest store (8287 S.W. 124th St.; 305-255-2468,) Saturdays are at the Coconut Grove store (3117 Bird Avenue; 305-476-9900,) and Wednesdays are at the South Miami Store (7301 S.S. 57th St.; 305-667-9953.) Yes, that means today.

To purchase, head inside first to fill out a form with your desired

order, pay, and head outside with your receipt to pick up the goods. 

The process is a little confusing, but we're certain the most difficult

part for you will be deciding whether to chow there for lunch on the

hood or bring the loot home for dinner.   

According to a representative for A Joy Wallace, the market

approached them with the idea in an effort to drive more traffic to the

store during the holiday season, especially today

and tomorrow when Gardner's will sell its pre-roasted turkeys so you

don't have to go to the trouble of over-cooking them at home.  Ah, the

holidays.  Eat, drink, and be merry on the exercise bike later.