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Is Chicken Pot Pie The New "Black"?

The New York Times Style section is the arbiter of fashion and trends for New York and, quite possibly, the world. So when a recent article issued a trend alert the fashion world seems to be following, I took notice. The strange thing is that the new trend isn't a dress, or a shoe ... it's a chicken pot pie.

According to the Times, this fatty, calorie-laden old-fashioned comfort food is a fashion "do" at tony parties, red carpet events and restaurants. Even Anna Wintour's private chef, Hank Tomashevski, makes the darn things.

The newspaper credits the trend to chef John DeLucie, who found a recipe for chicken pot pie in the floorboards of The Waverly Inn. When Delucie left Waverly, he took the pot pie (this time with lobster instead of chicken) with him to The Lion, his restaurant on New York's Upper East Side.

Which brings us to Miami. DeLucie is executive chef and proprietor of The Royal at The Raleigh Hotel on South Beach. The menu features American classics such as macaroni & cheese, burgers and short ribs but no pot pie! Is Miami behind the trend? Are we not trendy enough for a pot pie on the menu? Or (gasp) is this not a real trend?

Short Order contacted Chef DeLucie to ask him about the pot pie phenomenon. He replied simply, "I don't see the pot pie as a trend. It hadn't occurred to me to serve it at The Royal, with the climate in Miami being what it is. But with all this attention we may have to try it."

Great! Now we just have to figure out what shoes go with a chicken pot pie.

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