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Cafe Martorano Media Blitz

martorano store.jpg

Ft. Lauderdale's Cafe Martorano and its owner Steve Martorano exert the media-industry equivalent of gravitational pull. He and his restaurant attract attention. Da guy's a star yaknowwhadamean? He's got his landmark South Florida headquarters, a joint in Vegas, national tv spots cookin meatballs, Gail Shepherd's writin about him, face on the gravy jar, diners taking cell phone videos while they eat. Who's he think he is? Steve Buscemi? Nah, he's Steve Martorano and he's in business. Here's a compilation of his googlable media.

The above picture was posted on Cafe Martorano's website, under the news section, it comes from a blog post by the Sun Sentinel's John Tanasychuk who has several posts on the Sun Sentinel's food blog "Sup" about celebrity dinings at Cafe Martorano.

Here goes Steve Martorano hangin out with Shaq. This image came from

This is a rap music video promoting Cafe Martorano in terms of the quality of food, celebrities who eat it and Steve Martorano's wealth because of it.

And finally here's a link to a video titled "Angie and Family at Cafe Martorano." The short video shows real life diners enjoying themselves at Cafe Martorano.