Cheap Eats

Taco Tuesdays


Taco Tuesday. For months, New Timesers went to Treasure Trove every Tuesday for Taco Tuesdays, a special day on which chicken, beef, or veggie tacos are just $1. We haven't been in a while now -- you can only ingest six- and seven-taco meals for so many weeks in a row before your significant other begins leaving personal trainers' business cards in conspicuous places -- so we're asking you to pick up the slack. FYI: the Trove has a lot of Mexish items on their menu other than tacos, but we've never tried them. What would be the point? The tacos are comprised of juicy meat (though the beef is better than the chicken), crispy lettuce (iceberg, but whattayawant for a dollar?), good tomatoes, and what tastes like fresh corn tortillas, and they're augmented by assorted savory dribbles from a huge rack of hot sauces (try the conch sauce). It's impossible to get sick of them. We know. We tried.

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-- Brandon Thorp