Bar-B-Que Beach Closes, Hogzilla Barbecue to Take Its Place

The windows of Bar-B-Que Beach, the popular South Beach emporium of wood-smoked meats, are covered in somber brown paper. (Bar-B-Que Beach Two in North Miami folded a couple of years ago.) A posted sign thanks customers for their support through the years and announces that Hogzilla's Inspired Barbecue will move into the space come mid-October.

Bar-B-Que Beach debuted on 16th Street and Washington Avenue in early 2007. One of Miami New Times' restaurant reviewers at the time wrote that the barbecued ribs "may have been the best I've ever eaten in my entire sparerib-scarfing life." Well, that's the thing about sparerib-scarfing lives -- they are subject to sudden change. Until Hogzilla's moves in, South Beach residents will just have to get their barbecue at Sparky's Roadside Barbecue, Bulldog Barbecue, Shorty's Bar-B-Q...

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