Valentine's Day Consolation: $2 Burritos All Day At Panchero's

Let's assume the worst: Your Valentine's Day won't quite pan out the way you'd hoped it would. Maybe you will be curtly informed that the "champagne" you had so thoughtfully put on ice was really "only sparkling wine," and that "any idiot knows real champagne can't be produced in the Yucatan!" Or perhaps that $400 dinner will only net you a peck on the cheek. Even worse: You will spend the evening alone, and watch the Grammy show you'd TiVo'd a few days earlier, and will sit through that sappy McCartney tune about his Valentine, in which case at least make sure there are no sharp objects within your reach.

Well stop your self-pitying this instant and cheer up: Panchero's Mexican Grill is celebrating its two-year anniversary by offering burritos, just like the one in the photo, for just $2 all day tomorrow.

Can rice, beans, grilled cubes of chicken, corn, onions, tomatoes, cilantro and white cheese wrapped in a homemade flour tortilla -- at a bargain price -- bring so much consolation that you'll thoroughly forget about any romantic frustrations?

No, which is why there will also be giveaways "including T-shirts, keychains, pens and more." Will all that be enough to put your mind at ease? There is only one way to find out.

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