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SoBeWFF: Bethenny Frankel Drinks A Lot and Engages in Inappropriate Conversation

Bethenny Frankel won our hearts as the struggling single girl in a sea of diamond-clad wives in Bravo's Real Housewives of New York. Fans watched as she grew her Skinnygirl empire, found love, and had a daughter, Bryn. Bethenny Ever After follows Frankel, husband Jason Hoppy and baby on their search for a fairy-tale (ish) ending.

Last year, when Frankel attempted to make stuffed peppers at the South Beach Wine and Food Festival's Grand Tasting Village, she was implored by fans to drop the pan and dish dirt about her life.  This year, Frankel's back at GTV on Saturday to talk, drink, and dish some more. 

We pinned perpetual motion machine Bethenny down for a minute to ask her about the new season of Bethenny Ever After and what's in store for her Skinnygirl brand.

New Times: Skinnygirl Cocktails is expanding into wine. What made you decide to do that and how much say do you have in the wines and new products?

Bethenny Frankel: I have the ultimate say in any Skinnygirl product. I am invested in my brand, and I am involved in every intimate detail.

I decided to expand into wine because I wanted to create a straightforward, delicious tasting, affordable wine and eliminate the snobbery and confusion in the wine category. Most people, myself included, don't know where each region is, what all of the fancy schmancy wine talk means and what anything on the wine list means. Skinnygirl wines taste delicious, are high quality and affordable but they are not pretentious. You know you're getting something that you will love and will enjoy with every sip.

What other flavors do you have coming down the pike? How do you decide what new cocktail flavors to introduce?

I always try to solve a problem and create the unexpected. Skinnygirl creates trends. We don't follow them. We've got a bevy of Skinnygirl surprises coming soon and continuing constantly.

You're very outspoken with your relationship with [husband]Jason and [daughter] Bryn. Will there come a time when you pull Bryn out of the limelight? How does Jason feel about your sharing every aspect of your life with fans?

There will definitely come a time when Bryn is out of the spotlight. That time is coming soon. Jason shares our life to support me and the commitment that I made to creating an authentic reality show.

What are three things that we're going to see this season that will shock or surprise us?

The truth about marriage, my inability to understand how to cope with fame, and someone in my life moving on to another chapter.

Last year, during your demo, you started to cook stuffed peppers and everyone really wanted you to dish stories. What do you have planned for this year at the festival?
A little cooking, a lot of drinking and even more inappropriate conversation.

When you're in Miami, where do you like to go?

I love everything about Miami. The Latin beat, the heat, the music and the food. I finally want to embrace the Design District and try something new.

Do you have any limits with your personal life? What would be taboo for the cameras?

It depends on what I think is too personal for me or my family at that moment. It varies.

If you could host a SoBeWFF party, like Burger Bash, what would you do?
Skinnygirl Culinary Cocktails. It would be the best mixologists in the world creating tantalizing cocktails and elixirs from exotic international ingredients. Phenomenal music and dancing would make this the best festival event of them all.

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