Miami Spice: The Ten Best Weekend Deals

Ahh. Miami Spice. True, it's a great value but like everything in life, the two month-long promotion comes with a few catches -- like the fact that many restaurants don't offer the three-course prix-fixe Spice menu on weekends.

That sucks, because a lot of us simply have too many things "on our plate" to dine out during the week. So where does that leave you?

Thankfully, the Miami Spice website is user-friendly and allows you to search for restaurants that offer the dining deal on weekends. You can do that...or you can let us do the work for you. We've perused just about every restaurant and compiled a list of what we consider to be the ones that offer the best values for the weekend.

Our criteria? They have to serve Spice Friday, Saturday and Sunday (unless, of course, the restaurant is closed) evenings and the menu has to be an exceptional value, filled with a variety of delicious offerings.

Since there are two price levels for Spice, we've listed the top five in each category -- fine dining ($33 per person) and luxury dining ($39 per person). Enjoy!