Five Best Omakase Spots: Chef Chooses at Nobu, Blade, Macchialina, Naoe, Copperbox

Sometimes ordering can be difficult. We hate having to make the difficult decision between a delicious pasta or a cut of meat. We worry the table next to us will order exactly what we should have. Sometimes though, we're lucky enough to have a compatible dining companion who's willing to share a few plates, and a great server that works with us to create the perfect order.

Placing that perfect order is rare, but it doesn't have to be. Options such as chef's selection, daily special or omakase (the Japanese version of a chef's selection which literally means to 'entrust') take away the pressures of choosing the best combination, and entrust this task to our chef. Often times, we'll get more for our money and are enabling our chefs to reach their full culinary potential -- they are the experts after all.