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Twilight Stars Get Wieners In Their Mouths On Jimmy Fallon Show

Wendy Maharlika is the manager/waitress at Naoe in Sunny Isles, and she took part in a hot dog throwing contest on the Jimmy Fallon show the other night.

This clip from the Jimmy Fallon show is from a feature they have called Hot Dog In A Hole.

In this episode contestants throw hot dogs into the mouths of Twilight stars Bella Swan, played by Kristen Stewart, Jacob Black played by Taylor Lautner, and Edward Cullen played by Robert Pattinson.

Jimmy Fallon and his announcer Higgins make funny wiener, tube meat, and hot dog references as part of the schtick of contestants throwing franks in the mouths of the Twilight movie stars.

Jimmy Fallon says "Wendy, you've got Jacob Black here. You confident you can cruise your meat sticks through that sexy hole?" Wendy says, "I'm cruising those meat sticks." Then Jimmy Fallon says "Sounds like you got hot dogs on the brain."

Wendy was in NYC on a foodie birthday vacation. Log on to for more info on the restaurant she owns and operates with Chef Kevin Cory. Click here for Lee Klein's review of the joint.