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Fieldtrip To Green Garden Organics Soil-Grown Microgreens and Wheatgrass Farm In Pictures

Green Garden Organics Inc. supplies all Florida Whole Foods Markets with wheatgrass they grow themselves, certified organically, on their indoor farm in an industrial warehouse in a strip of others like it near Miami International Airport. Louis Duncanson says "I grew my first tray of grass 31 years ago." Duncanson, his wife and their small crew also grow a variety of microgreens that find use by chefs in the restaurant industry.

Duncanson explains that his secret is the soilmix he uses and the de-sodium chlorided, mineral rich sea water he uses for planting. "We have a special mix, a very special mix. I'll give you some clues to what's in it: coconut husk, pearlite, peat moss, sea vegetables, crushed lobster shells, and no manure, cause this is for eating, and you don't want to eat manure do you?"