Pizza Bread Basket at Spris

In this weight-obsessed, low-carb world, it is important to sometimes stop and smell the bread basket. Hit up Spris Restaurant on Lincoln Road to check out a warm, airy loaf with a crisp crust best enjoyed with some olive oil and a drizzle of salt. The bread, made in-house in a wood-fired oven every morning from signature pizza dough, is only available at lunchtime. Bill Croft, the longtime manager of this South Beach establishment, tells me that "our pizza maker prepares it first thing in the morning before he gets the pizzas going because he has to keep the oven closed to bake the bread". Once it runs out, it's out for the day......Croft enjoys this bread for breakfast right out of the oven with some what are my options? Train to become a pizza maker or apply for Croft's job? One thing is certain, this bread basket is made to be devoured.

Spris Restaurant
731 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach