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Chef Katsuya Uechi to Host Pop-Up Dinner Tonight at Katsuya by Starck

Chef Katsuya Uechi, the man behind the Katsuya restaurant family, is coming to South Beach to personally prepare a meal for Miami fans of his sushi.

The pop-up family-style dinner will be held tonight, October 14 from 7 - 10:30 p.m. at the chef's namesake Katsuya by Starck at the SLS South Beach. If you haven't been to the restaurant, the Cirque du Soleil feel rivals even that of neighboring the Bazaar by José Andrés for sheer theatricality with giant geisha lips gracing the walls and an upstairs lounge disguised as an opium den.

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Chef Katsuya doesn't reside in Miami but says he comes to visit his South Beach restaurant as often as he can, saying, "I love seeing the energy and style that;s unique to Miami."

The chef, whose flagship restaurant is in southern California, notices the differences in Miami and California dining preferences. "California is really the first place in the U.S. where people started getting interested in sushi and sashimi, and really putting Japanese cuisine on the map.

"It's no secret that Californians are known for being a bit more health conscious and prefer locally sourced products/ingredients. In the past few years Miami has really embraced more diversity when it comes to cuisine and they care more about where their food comes from. The local culture in Miami is so diverse and that's one of the biggest reasons why I wanted to bring Katsuya to this city."

Katsuya says that his SoBe locale is designed as a "happening," where food, decor, and ambiance all blend together to provide an all-sensory experience. "The restaurant was designed by Philippe Starck who really captured the spirit of the brand with a South Beach flare. Katsuya is made to be savored with each one of the senses. Katsuya is all about creating a unique dining experience that will leave a lasting impression on its guests and it makes me very happy to see people enjoying the space and the food while truly embracing the brand."

If you want to experience the chef's unique style of cuisine, the pop-up dinner is $75 per person for a five-course family-style pop-up dinner. Most notable is the sushi and sashimi course personally prepared by the celebrity chef from fresh seafood flown in from the famous Tsukiji fish market, served with fresh wasabi and pickled young ginger. Reservations for this special pop-up can be made through

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