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Oreo Cookie Turns 100 Today: Flash Mob, Free Cookies

The Oreo Cookie is possibly one of the world's most loved items. No matter how savory a freshly baked gourmet cookie is, it can't match one of these babies dunked in a cold glass of milk.

Oreo turns 100 today, March 6, and Nabisco, makers of the creme-filled chocolate sandwich cookie, is hosting flash mob birthday parties today in seven different cities including New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Phoenix, and Miami.

At noon today, Mary Brickell Village will turn into party central as a confetti canon will be set off. A flash mob will sing Happy Birthday to the cookie, then break into a cookie-inspired dance (we're not exactly sure who that means, but we're going with it for the free treats). After the dance, everyone will be invited to celebrate with free milk and cookies. Both traditional Oreos and the new birthday cake Oreos will be served.

Oreo also has a special website set up where you can send a virtual birthday video to your friends, sung by Lady Antebellum.

To register to participate in the flash mob, visit

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