Behind the Line

Behind The Line: Neomi's Grill For Paradigm Dinner at The Trump Sonesta In Sunny Isles

The weekly Paradigm dinner at Neomi's Grill in the Trump International Sonesta Beach Resort takes eaters on a culinary acid trip; blasting their flavor modulators (tongues) through outer space with alimentary combinations that taste like they came from the great beyond. A recent Paradigm dinner saw Chef Kurtis Jantz, Chef Chad Galiano, pastry Chef Fabian De Paolo, and Chef Chris Windus from the Blue Zoo in Orlando, along with a crack team of kitchenary science professionals, team up for an 11 course meal of epic proportions. And all this happens amidst the fully functioning Neomi's Grill kitchen working their full menu. Local food blogger Frodnesor was there as well, his thoughts appear on Food For Thought Miami. Cost for Paradigm is $85, I ate free, standing up, in the kitchen. Here are some scenes from the kitchen that night.