Jimbo's Birthday on Sunday Brings the Party of the Year, Smoked Fish, and Beer, Beer, Beer

People don't go to Jimbo's birthday party because they want celebrate the old man's happy 80-thousandth year on this earth. They go for the smoked fish and free beer.

That's actually a bit of an exaggeration. Everyone loves Jimbo. All the girls get a kiss and a sit on his lap (only if you're small and fragile). But folks flock to Virginia Key for chunks of fish in a sandwich bag with some hot sauce. Sound appetizing? It should, because it's good. Jimbo smokes them himself.

From past years, we vaguely remember the free burgers and hot dogs, oh, and a line that stretches for half a mile, you know, because it's free. Wash it all down with beer that's either also complimentary, or not much more than a buck, and the world is good. Even Mercury starts thinking about getting out of retrograde.

Jimbo's is a special place of squatters, boat people, and those who need to drink every single day of the year. Located on a seaside plot of land, this is a great place to go before the sun sets. Two rows of broken down houses face each other, just waiting to give you splinters. Try bocce ball, a game great for even those with compromised coordination. Every out-of-towner needs a gander at this Miamah madness. In-towners too, love it despite fuzzy memories of smoked fish snapping at us.

The party's taking place this Sunday at Jimbo's (4201 Rickenbacker Causeway, Virginia Key). It starts at noon and goes on until everyone passes out.

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