Florida Woman Trades Sex For Cheeseburgers: Five Dishes Better Than Sex!

Riptide reported yesterday that a 47-year old woman was arrested in a prostitution sting operation in southwest Florida.  That sounds like a typical evening for any police department. Except the woman requested a very specific trade-off for her services.

According to the police report, Christine Faith Baker's fee for sex was two McDonald's double cheeseburgers (oh, and a $40 tip would be nice, too, according to the the undercover detective).

We've all heard the saying food is love, but, let's face it. Many times, a good meal can not only be the prelude to sex -- it can be way better than sex.

So, as a public service to Christine Faith Baker (and everyone else who thinks two McDonald's burgers are worth trading themselves for), we say have a little more pride! Keep it in your pants and eat these dishes instead.