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Andrew Balick Leaves Pied a Terre

Andrew Balick, the former Azul sous chef who opened the Cadet Hotel's Pied a Terre in March, is no longer working at the restaurant.

"It was time to leave unfortunately," said Balick, whose last day was June 30. "From day one there were a lot of differences between the ownership and myself on how the restaurant should be run."

Despite their differences, Balick said he and the hotel's owner, Vilma Biaggi, parted professionally. "I respect her as a business woman but we just couldn't agree," he said.

Daniela Manrique and Sadiel Rivera, who worked with Balick in the hotel's kitchen, have also left. A PR rep for Pied a Terre said Biaggi is currently interviewing chefs. No word yet on where we may find Balick next.

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