UPDATED: American Noodle Bar Opening Postponed Until Wednesday

​In early August, when Michael Bloise first talked to Paula Niño of Short Order about his upcoming American Noodle Bar, he tagged the potential opening date as "August 23". Then word came that it would debut today, November 1. Now the date has been pushed up to this Wednesday. This makes Bloise seem less than prescient, but not less than efficient - getting a place open in three months ain't bad.

The small restaurant is on NE 67th St. and Biscayne Boulevard, in-between Michy's and Red Light Little River. The cuisine is"American-Asian-inspired street foods" - translating to, among other things, noodle dishes, fried cheeseburger dumplings, edamame hush puppies, and a soy-glazed meatball sub with cilantro, daikon, and ginger. Nothing on the menu is more than $7.

​Last time locals got to sample food cooked by Bloise was during his tenure as chef at Wish, which ended in the fall of 2007. "I've done upscale food for awhile now and I kinda found that the food that I was cooking was special occasion food," Bloise told Short Order. "I was on the beach and it was really touristy and I kinda wanted to get away from that. It just seems like the higher you get in this profession, the less you're on the line cooking. You don't really get to connect with people."

Michael should get to connect plenty with customers at his new place, assuming he can tear himself away from the stove long enough; using quality ingredients and charging low prices can only be achieved when the owner of a restaurant is a chef who carries the bulk of the labor cost on his own shoulders. Bloise' toil will be our gain: Affordable fare fixed by a really talented chef. Take a gander at this menu and you're probably going to want to rush over there.

American Noodle Bar
6730 Biscayne Blvd., Miami