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Starbucks to Test Beer-Flavored Latte at Florida Locations

In Florida, where coffee-flavored beers are popular, Starbucks wants to test a beer-flavored coffee at select shops. The company has not revealed exactly where it will be sold.

The stout-beer-flavored coffee is called Dark Barrel Latte. Considering coffee is a flavor that's becoming increasingly prevalent in small-batch craft beer, why not pull a switcheroo?

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The new drink is also being tested in Ohio. The coffee is made with a flavored syrup that's supposed to taste like a stout beer similar to Guinness, reports CBS 4. It comes topped with whipped cream and dark caramel sauce. However, it does not contain alcohol. Call it beer for breakfast but without the buzz.

It seems several people in Ohio have already tried the drink. Some like it, while others do not. The taste drew a comparison to flavors such as pumpkin spice latte. Some users across Twitter who tried it seemed disgusted that a coffee drink is made to taste like beer.

Ryan Kincaid from Buzzfeed thinks the new latte is legit. "It does taste remarkably like stout," he wrote.

Speaking of booze, the Seattle-based coffee chain has already successfully tested alcohol sales for a program called Starbucks Evenings, where bottled beer and wine will be sold after 4 p.m. The program could be rolled out to thousands of coffee shops nationwide.

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