Girl Scout Cookies On Sale Next Week: Samoas Tops in South Florida; Try New Savannah Smiles

​Our hearts were hopeful as we searched through our freezer praying to find just one last box of Thin Mints. But, alas, we were left cookie-less; those crumbly Chips Ahoy and stale Oreos with the red filling were worthless.

When would those freakin' Girl Scout cookies be on sale again? A quick check online provided great news: yes, folks, the little green-clad cuties will begin hawking their sugary wares beginning on January 12. Those modern gals even have an app locator called Cookie Finder. Boy, that's a far cry from the days when we had to go knocking door-to-door...

Lance Balding, director of development and communications for Girl Scout Council of Tropical Florida, has provided a preview of the new flavor being introduced this year to celebrate the Council's 100th anniversary: Savannah Smiles. We bit into one -- okay, maybe five -- last night and here's our impression.

Samoas, which are the most popular flavor in South Florida according to Balding, and Thin Mints, the most popular around America, will retain their status as most desirable.

The new half-moon shaped, powdery sugar-covered bites, though delivering lots of lemon flavor on the onset, are only for those who like crumbly, lightweight treats that we suspect will pair perfectly with tea. We can't see them being repeated in the future, though we give kudos to the Scouts for always keeping us on our toes with new flavors. And we're happy to see that we can eat an entire handful of these things and ingest the same amount of calories (or even less) than two Tagalongs, Samoas, or Do-si-dos.

Check back soon for some fun facts about our favorite nibbles, such as where you can and can't typically find 'em, how much money is raised in South Florida, how much of it actually goes to the troops (hint: it's more than enough to buy a condo on Fisher Island), and just how many boxes of the stuff are sold in just one month.

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