Cooking Classes

Chef Cindy Hutson's Classes: Too Much Fun

While some may enjoy going out to eat, others love cooking. This second group is in luck. They can be taught by one of the best in Miami. Chef Cindy Hutson is offering cooking classes on Saturdays at her restaurant, Ortanique on the Mile.

At $90, people will be able to cook side-by-side with the famous chef while they make signature dishes like mountain coffee and cocoa-encrusted pork tenderloin. Each class will have about 18 people and will last from 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.

"Enjoyable and engaging," is how Hutson on describes the atmosphere. "Unlike most classes it is 100 percent you; I do not do the cooking, it's all the students. It's a very great way to have family fun and it also helps me test recipes for my upcoming cooking book. Sometimes we have a little too much fun and I have to go home for a nap before dinner service."

Students will also learn how to properly pair wines with dishes. After the class is over they are provided with all of the recipes that they made during their lesson so they can try them at home. Sound good? Head on over to to learn more.