Here Come the Olive Oil Tastings--Try for Yourself Today (Wednesday) at Whole Foods Pinecrest

Pawel Kryj/stock.chang
Coffee, wine, chocolate, cheese...now, here come the olive oil tastings.  You may have noticed these popping up, and I don't mean someone handing out swigs from a pill cup at a food festival.  These are sit down events, where one takes notes, and compares the fruitiness, nuttiness, or "grassiness" of different oils.  Those of you who regularly attend Fancy Food Shows may yawn, but I daresay I notice a growing trend in tastings.

If you're curious, today's free event at Whole Foods Pinecrest (11701 S. Dixie Highway) is low-budget way to experiment. 

Cecilia Richter, a friend who recently attended a Miami tasting of Giangrandi Chilean olive oil, was surprised at the range of tastes: "I've never tasted olive oil like that. It's almost like drinking it, but you take a really small taste. You can really sense the differences. The milder ones were fruitier.  It was like a wine tasting, except you don't really spit it out."  

You can even find "tasting kits" online for at-home parties, although

I'm wary of some of these.  Unfortunately, marketers know that many of

us crave "rustic elegance," (that's a term I saw on Olio & Olive)

even if we're not quite sure what we're getting.  So, just as with many

of the "fine" wine tasting kits you may see online, I'd say buyer be


Today at Whole Foods in Pinecrest, you'll get a chance at their own tasting.   Renée Frigo and Daniel Graeff, the founders of Lucini Italia, will guide a comparative olive oil tasting from 6:30 to 7:30 pm.  The event is free, but you should reserve a spot by emailing [email protected], with the subject line: RSVP: LUCINI for SFM.  The organizers advise tasters not to wear perfume/cologne, drink coffee, or smoke cigarettes for at least two hours before the event.

It's part of a Slow Food Miami 5% Day at Whole Foods Pinecrest.  Five

percent of all purchases will be donated toward the group's Edible Film Series.