Lucky Strike's New Bowling Menu, They Nailed The (Banana) Split

Lucky Strike Lanes, the national bowling chain with a location in Miami Beach, is set to debut a new menu in July. Bowling alley food doesn't sound like much to get excited about, but chef Chaunte Goodena's new items are better than a three-strike final frame.

The grilled cheese sliders ($6.50) are five toasted mini sandwiches on French bread filled with cheddar cheese, roasted tomato slices, and fresh jalapeño aioli, which adds a definite kick. The sandwiches ooze butter. Be prepared to put on the calories with this finger food.

There are new chicken wing ($9/lb.) flavors that include: zesty jerk spices (grilled only), which were moist, tender, flavorful, and paired well with the jalapeño aioli; salty chili & brown sugar (grilled only) had an obvious sweet and savory contrast that is pulled off nicely. It's not dependent on the red currant jelly as a dipping sauce. And garlic parmesan wings weren't that memorable but still retained the same moist and tender traits of the other wings.

​Our favorite plate was the three-cheese pizza ($9.50) with mozzarella, ricotta, and goat cheeses melted with a creamy garlic sauce and drizzled with truffle oil. This new pizza features fresh cheese and the crust is soft and chewy with a slight crisp. The truffle oil enhances the flavor.

Fan favorites, including the greasy, yet addicting, fried mac and cheese bites ($7.50) and burgers ($4.50 for 1, $8 for 2, $10.50 for 3) including truffle cheese (with goat cheese and truffle oil), blue cheese (with arugula, caramelized onions, and crumbled blue cheese), and turkey (beer-braised patty with caramelized onions) are still available.

Friday night was surprisingly quiet, which makes this a desirable date location. Fun energy from the neon lights, TVs, and upbeat music keep the atmosphere lively. Staff is friendly and hospitable, yet casual, throwing thumbs up as they pass by. Chef Gooden is amicable too. She takes pride in the food that comes out of her kitchen, which takes casual bar food up a notch.

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