Five Extravagant Holiday Gifts for the Ultimate Food Lover

There are certain extravagant holiday gifts that impress only because of their price tag -- particularly when it comes to shopping for the ultimate food lover. For these gift recipients, bottle openers and knife sets just won't do.

The food-obsessed home cook would love an electric wine cellar or sous vide professional immersion circulator just as much as a plasma TV. But, come January, we all know where that immersion circulator will be. It'll be stored away in that forgotten drawer, somewhere between the dusty holiday gifts from 2011: the pasta maker, the juicer and the ice cream machine.

Splurging for holiday presents is not impressive if the gift will end up consigned to oblivion. So, if you are feeling lavish this December, stop flipping through that Bloomingdale's catalog and check out our top five extravagant holiday gifts for the ultimate food lover. These prices will max out some credit cards, but we promise that these offerings will keep on giving. Be sure to keep that in mind when you see all the four-digit price tags.