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Tap Tap Screens The Quake for Free Today and Tomorrow

It's easy to feel good about having texted money to Haitian relief efforts after the January earthquake. The unfortunate reality might be that those moneys didn't contribute to much of any actual relief.

Tonight and tomorrow at Tap Tap, the public is invited to a free screening of a Frontline documentary called The Quake, which examines the crippling magnitude of the disaster and the ineptitude shown in dealing with it by relief agencies.

You might need a drink.

Luckily, Tap Tap's full-service bar offers a strong and satisfying version of the South Beach requisite mojito. But if you're looking for something less minty, try the natif, a sweet and tangy blend of Barbancourt rum, lime, and sugar.

Tap Tap runs a weekday happy hour from 5 to 7 p.m., with half-off prices on Barbancourt drinks, so get there early and have a few to brace yourself against the viciousness of reality.