Fauchon Paris Decadence Now at W Wine Boutique

Fauchon is synonymous with French decadence in the food world. Ever since Auguste Fauchon, a street vendor and wine merchant, started his company back in 1886, customers have been flocking to stores that bear his name to pick up macaroons, fancy jams, champagne, chocolates, mustards, crackers and wines.

Being a true Frenchman Eddy Le Garrec, owner of W Wine Boutique on the Beach, has added these delectable delights to his selection.  After all, what goes better with a bottle of Chateau Margaux then some Perigord truffles and mini Roquefort crepes?

W Wine Boutique is the exclusive reseller of Fauchon products and offers a selection of gift "coffrets;" elegant black boxes that open up to a treasure trove of indulgence. These coffrets range from $59.99 for Le Petit (this does include half bottle of Fauchon Champagne), to the Balthazar for $449.99. This luxury box includes a bottle of Champagne and will get you as close to a taste of Paris without getting on a plane.

So next time you're looking for that perfect gift for your overindulgent self, head on over to see Eddy and he'll show you how to live it up - Parisian style.