Archive Diver: Coffee Gum, Caffeinated Gum, Ad From 1988

Coffee gum. It sounds like a million dollar idea. Miami's Gregory Paul Inc. tried to capitalize on it back in 1988 by advertising in the New Times.

The company's ad reads, "Each delicious piece of coffee flavored chewing gum contains caffeine equal to 1/2 a cup of coffee. Now you can enjoy a coffee break anytime, anywhere."

Portable, instant energy sources are big business. Consider the trillions of dollars generated by the sale of energy drinks, shots, pills, herbal supplements, and crystal meth, not to mention coffee.

So it's surprising that Gregory Paul Inc's coffee gum didn't catch on, or at least it doesn't seem to have. We can't find any web reference to the product.

Has anybody out there ever heard of or tried coffee gum? Leave a comment.