Burgers at The Standard on Miami Beach

Burgers at The Standard don't come cheap, but the Bayside Grill's waterfront, saltwater poolside locale is top notch Dade County lifestyles of the rich and famous type shit. A trio of sliders will run you $16.00. That means three charred grill burgers made from locally sourced beef, your choice of cheese, and a side salad. A big side of truffle sage fries costs another $6. The Bayside Grill hooked me up with a free meal, I didn't pay for it, but I ate it all. Did I look out of place eating alone in a dirty white shirt and taking pictures of my food, hell yeah, but that's alright, the restaurant is open to the public. The address is 40 Island Avenue Miami Beach Florida 33139 and the phone number is (305) 673-1717. Here are some more pictures.