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Florida Man Proposes to Girlfriend at Whole Foods Coral Gables

Lots of things happen in the checkout at Whole Foods. Wallets are emptied. Meat-eaters become vegans. And sometimes, romances blossom.

That's what happened to Vladimir Romannikov and Monica Dehombre. Call it a Kombucha meetcute.

Yesterday, in the same aisle where the organically-inclined duo met at Whole Foods Coral Gables, he proposed -- complete with rose petals, a loudspeaker, and lots of teary eyes.

Spoiler: she said yes.

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It's a love story for the ages. About a year and a half ago, Monica and Vladimir rolled up to Whole Foods simultaneously.

As she tells it, Vladimir, a med student on surgery rotation, spotted Monica in the parking lot -- then spent his entire shopping trip trying to find a way to talk to her -- even pretending to show interest in the fermented concoction known as kombucha.

He followed her to the checkout where he let out the legendary pick up line: "Do you always shop organic?"

"We finished paying and I waited for him and we took the escalator together. He asked me for my number in the parking garage. We went on our first date and never stopped after," she says.

So when it came time to make their union official, Vladimir planned a romantic proposal at the exact spot (register #2) where they met. With some help from Whole Foods employees, the whole thing went down on Tuesday afternoon. To set the scene, rose petals were scattered on the floor, Dehombre's favorite song (John Legend's All of Me) played, and a WF rep called them to the front of the store.

"So immediately I looked at him. I'm like 'Oh my God, what's happening?'" she laughs.

He professed his love via intercom, got down on one knee -- and oh, the tears. Commence happily ever after.

"It's been such a whirlwind. It's such a normal thing going grocery shopping, I had no idea this would come of it so I'm very grateful to Whole Foods," she adds.

The story, in photos:

Could then be any more adorable?! Proof positive that never know where Mr. or Ms. Right might pop up -- but, unsurprisingly, Whole Foods is probably a genetically-advantageous pool for dating prospects.

Check out the insanely sweet video of the entire proposal below.

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