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Jamaican Food, Jamaican Groceries, Kingston Delight in North Miami Beach

We get a lot of credit for being a Latin stronghold, but as most who've been here (and left South Beach) know, the MIA is truly a Caribbean gateway, and Jamaican food is all over Miami.

Only eat jerk chicken once a year at the Bob Marley Festival? Bumbaclot foodie!

Check out Kingston Delight Restaurant and Grocery (1340 NE 163rd Street) across from the 163rd Street Mall. Not only can you sit down to an authentic meal of Jamaican cuisine ($5 specials before 2 p.m.), you can buy the ingredients to try cooking them yourself at home.

For products like hard dough bread, salt fish, yam, green bananas, spice bun, jerk sauce, and curry powder just browse the store shelves or ask the nice lady at the counter.

This small, independent shop will make you say Puck Fublix, but watch where you park, the student driver school next door might leave a dent in your experience.