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Chef Bee Is Happy at Oishi Thai

Piyarat Arreeratn is not in the kitchen. Tonight, the boyish chef with spiky hair roams the dining room at his family-run restaurant, Oishi Thai. He pats a blond kid on the head, wipes down an empty table, and bounces around asking guests if everything is all right. Chef Bee, as he is commonly known, then vanishes down a narrow hallway. He emerges cradling a grand dish -- seafood pad thai crowned with a massive lobster tail and a lone lilac orchid.

"Tweet it. Enjoy it," he says, grinning widely and planting the plate on a nearby patron's table.

The woman snaps a photo and tweets it. And, almost immediately, Chef Bee tweets it too.

This sort of publicity push might seem odd at Oishi Thai, a sushi and Thai spot that occupies the same strip mall as T.G.I.Friday's and Publix in North Miami. But this isn't a regular night for the soft-spoken, inky-eyed chef and his tidy, dim restaurant. It's a homecoming of sorts.