Zombie Blood Energy Drink for Halloween

Halloween is this weekend and what better way to honor all things gory and dead than by stocking your fridge with bags of blood? Whether your preference is human or zombie, the folks at Harcos Laboratories developed Blood and Zombie Blood; two energy potions that will satisfy every blood-thirsty craving.

It all started with lack of sleep and an obsession with vampires and zombies, says Aaron Rasmussen, VP of Marketing and a robotics expert. Along with partner, Elijah Szaz, VP of Biz Dev,, Rasmussen wanted to create a new kind of energy drink..&

The Californians applied for a trademark for "blood" and set out to produce a drink that looks like blood, has similar nutritional content and comes in an iv-bag. The flavor is best described as fruit punch with a metallic aftertaste and viscous consistency.

Thanks to the vampire craze, Blood became a hot novelty item to True Blood and Twilight fans. So now they've launched Zombie Blood, a green liquid with lots of iron, protein and electrolytes. Neither Aaron nor Elijah have ever tried real zombie blood, so their version is flavored with lime.

Their next item to hit the market in November is Zombie Jerky. "The main draw is that it's absolutely disgusting looking." We couldn't agree more -- green jerky with a slimy consistency is not what we crave, but as Aaron tells us, "Zombies are so hot now that although our jerky is very good, we expect most of the sales to come from the novelty factor."

So this week, as you're getting your costume ready, check out Harcos Laboratories for the ultimate accessory for a true horror show. Or you can do like Aaron and just hang lots of the Blood iv-bags in your fridge. That'll freak out your friends.