Kendrick Meek Will Not Share Endorsements with Charlie Crist, Thank You Very Much

Democratic Senate Candidate Kendrick Meek has declined the endorsement of influential environmental group the Sierra Club by basically claiming that he's greener than them. What's got Meek so mad? Well, the group made a joint endorsement throwing their support behind Charlie Crist as well.

The Sierra Club released a statement today endorsing both Independent Crist and Meek:

"The Sierra Club rarely makes dual endorsements, but in this case it was particularly appropriate. Florida, the public at large, and Sierra Club members who want to see environmental leaders in Washington will all be well served by either Charlie Crist or Kendrick Meek as their representative in the U.S. Senate."
Meek apparently doesn't like the idea of having the share the endorsement with Crist and has declined it.

Here, via Naked Politics, is his reaction:
"Today's Sierra Club co-endorsement is an insult to Florida's environmental community. The Sierra

Club has chosen to stand with a governor who stood on stage applauding as Sarah Palin chanted, 'Drill, Baby, Drill,' a governor who signed a law making it easier for big developers to drain the Everglades, a governor who endorsed a bill that would have allowed drilling just three miles away from Florida beaches, and a governor who used polluter talking points to attack climate change legislation.

"For years, I have stood with everyday Floridians and the environmental community against Big Oil and the big developers who want to pollute our great state. I have consistently stood against drilling since day one and took on some members of my own party in the process. I fought against developers draining the Everglades and worked hard to ensure that any development occurs responsibly.

"I cannot in good conscience accept an endorsement from an organization that would stand with a governor who has consistently put developers, oil companies and the special interests first. I choose to stand with the environmental community and everyday Floridians who want clean energy jobs, clean water, and clean beaches. It's an insult to Florida's environmental community and Sierra Club members that the organization would endorse a governor who, in the organization's own words, 'sold out to developers' by 'failing to veto even the worst bills.' While I agree that Marco Rubio is an unacceptable

choice for Florida's environment, Charlie Crist is also an unacceptable choice. We should all take a stand and, in doing so, I respectfully decline the Sierra Club's co-endorsement."

The news isn't that surprising. Meek's campaign clearly think it must capture as much of the vote on the left to win the election, but has had trouble even getting a majority of Democrats to vote for him thanks to moderate Crist's independent bid.

It's not that shocking he's taking the joint endorsement and turning it into yet another point about how he is much more concerned about issues dear and near to registered democrats and liberals.

The joint endorsement by the group was just the latest in a long line of left-leaners who apparently think Crist, despite years as a Republican with a matching record, is just as good of an option as a lifelong Democrat like Meek.