Infographic: What are the Most Common Last Names in Florida?

No one in South Florida is keeping up with the Joneses. That's because there's probably not that many Joneses here. Instead, we're trying to keep step with the Garcias, Gonzalezes and Wilsons. National Geographic has put together a pretty stunning map to represent the prevalence of common surnames through out America.

The top 25 names in each state are roughly distributed across the geographic boundaries to give an idea of their prevalence with in the state. The origin of each name is also color coded. Anglo names are in shades of blue, while Spanish names are in red.

Here's what Florida looks like:

As you can see Smith is still the most common last name in Florida, but obviously there's a growing contingency of Rodriguezes and other Spanish names.

[National Geographic: What's in a Surname? via SFDB]

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